So what are you waiting for? Join the outdoor school program today and find your'self' in the outdoor..

Bringing Close to Nature

Our activities bring you more and more close to nature. When nature reveals its beauty to you, you start respecting and caring for it.

Time for Yourself

Spare time for yourself. You are running for others and forgot to search yourself. Get more and more close to yourself. Find yourself.

Live real Social Life

Interact with people in real, know their behaviours, learn team building and make group decisions. It matters.

Get Recharged

Disconnect yourself from city-life and get recharged. Outdoor activities really recharges you best to face your city-life again.

Share Experience

Share your outdoor experience and bring others to live it too. Make your city-life fresh and making more and more outdoor enthusiasts.

Live Healthy

Research says that the people close to nature live a healthy life. Give yourself a chance to be healthy and fit for life.


Experiential Learning - Camping, Trekking, Adventure Activities, Jungle & Survival Workshops, Team Building & Camping Games... and many more..

About Outdoor School

A way to get closer to the nature and find yourself..


Today’s world is super-fast and advanced. All of us need to concentrate on our work to get high income. But this is making us homebodies. Every person must be fit mentally as well as physically. So it has become necessary to take them outdoor and spend time with nature.

The motto of ‘Outdoor School’ is to give these persons an opportunity to find themselves in outdoor. Get mixed with other people of different views, behavior and strengths in a different environment where they will start team work and respect views of each other. Through various adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling etc. we try to enhance their confidence to face new challenges. This will make them strong to face their upcoming future with great abilities.

We shall have many workshops and camps for different age groups so children as well as adults can take their benefits.

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